Waterloo’s I Think Security Enables USB Drives for File Security as Canadian Cybercrime Gets Worse

The CBC has reported that cybercrime in Canada is skyrocketing. Canada now ranks second worldwide for hosted phishing sites, according to a five-month study completed by Websense this year.

The number of malicious websites hosted in Canada has also risen by 239%. However, it is a worldwide trend that cybercrime is increasing. Still, Canada remains the sixth worst country overall year-over-year in cybercrime. Contrast that to 2010 where Canada ranked 12th overall.

One way to protect yourself is using I Think Security’s technology. Exhibiting at the Canada 3.0 conference, Waterloo-based I Think Security has come out with “QI,” a USB device that allows you to secure your files and folders. It does so independently of file location and in just three clicks. The company says digital security is now in your hands as the technology can be easily deployed across a company without any any with no training or tech support.

Employees will be able to share encrypted volumes with other QI users. Here is a video that demonstrates the power of QI:

Perhaps a company will utilize a similar approach in the not too distant future for mobile security using the various ports on devices. It could also come as part of the charging equipment. We’ve mentioned in the past that mobile security should also be considered as few Canadians are keeping them secure. The company says on their website that the global cost of cyber attacks is $1 trillion dollars.

I Think Security made the 2012 Edition of the Branham’s Top 25 ICT Up and Comer ICT companies.