Waterloo’s UME Interactive launches UME Golf, which marries Facebook and golf

Although golf’s roots go back about 500 years and Facebook’s less than 10, the participation sport and the social networking platform are well-matched partners for a new service called UME Golf.

Through Canada’s UME Golf, developed by Waterloo’s UME Interactive, golfers can “tap into the viral power of Facebook” to better connect with friends, playing partners, and fellow golfers, while golf operators can “increase their interaction with customers, members and guests to promote their facilities and grow their business.” Golfers can use the service to search more than 20,000 courses across North America, post pictures and stories, and review courses.

“UME Golf is an interactive social community that provides the same viral power as facebook to connect and communicate by delivering golf-specific tools and features that golfers and golf facilities find fun and valuable,” says Scott Paterson, of UME Interactive.

“The whole concept is to create that connection between a golfer and a golf course and have those social hooks there,” says Marcia Woods, a social media coach and owner of Taalwood Media Services. “Not only are golfers getting information about the course from the course, but they are also getting information from other golfers.”

“Most golf operators know they should be using social media such as facebook, but many don’t know how to set it up or use it to maximum advantage,” Scott says. “UME Golf has set up everything for them, so there’s no worry or fuss. All they have to do is claim their club’s listing within UME’s facebook application. Because of the interactive nature of facebook, UME Golf has the potential to be far more powerful than a course’s website in generating and sustaining business.mIf you have ever tried to research a golf course or golf vacation, you know how time consuming it is to go to Google. UME Golf is as simple and effective as using facebook. That’s why we’re confident that UME Golf can help golfers have more fun, make it easier for golf facilities to market and communicate, and grow the game.”

There is a basic service for free and “enhanced” fee-based tiered packages. It’s available as a Facebook app, on the website, and soon as  a mobile app.