Wavefront adds Community Engagement Manager

This week Wavefront welcomed Brad Lowe to the management team as Community Engagement Manager.

Lowe has been active in the Vancouver technology community for 20 years, holding management positions at national and international technology corporations including Nokia, Redback Networks, Abatis and MacDonald Dettwiler.

At Wavefront, Lowe will help to facilitate greater interaction between industry and universities, and ensure better integration through regular exchanges of information, knowledge and insight. 

Lowe will also lead the new Entrepreneurship@Wavefront program in partnership with BCIC. 

The program will support and nurture up to eight early-stage B.C. wireless companies from concept to commercialization over 12 months.  Applications for the program are available online and the deadline for applications is Wednesday, July 21st at 11:59pm. The participants of Entrepreneurship@Wavefront will be announced August 4, 2010.