Wavefront giving Vancouver wireless developers a leg up

The Vancouver Sun had a nice little article yesterday about Wavefront, the Vancouver commercialization centre that helps wireless developers get to market quicker and easier. Wavefront produces nothing of their own, but is a valuable resource for smaller developers who could use some advice or technical support to make their products happen.

The Sun article focused on a few wireless developers from Vancouver, and how Wavefront has helped them.

Wavefront can open doors that might otherwise be difficult for fledgling entrepreneurs to access. At the end of November, eight local companies, shortlisted from an original group of 35 introduced by Wavefront, are going to Japan at the invitation of that country’s wireless industry group, the Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium.

Among the companies chosen to be showcased in Japan is Vancouver’s HootSuite, a spinoff of Invoke Media and a veteran in many ways, chalking up numerous awards and accolades since its launch in December 2008 and counting among its globe-spanning clients such social media users as the U.S. White House and the Smithsonian.

HootSuite is a social media dashboard and it has successfully added mobile apps to its arsenal, offering ones for the iPhone and Android-powered phones with ones for BlackBerry, the iPad and other mobile devices joining that lineup.

The article mentions some of the other things that Wavefront is doing to nurture wireless development in Vancouver. Thanks to a partnership with Orange, they provide access to the Orange app store and the 125 million subscribers to that company. They offer developers over 300 models of handsets to test out their apps on, and even let consumers test the apps out on those phones in the centre.

Wavefront also provides training and mentorship to developers through experts at the centre and seminars that happen periodically at their West Hastings HQ. Oh, and they also sponsor Wireless Wednesday, an awesome feature in tandem with an equally awesome tech journalism website.

We’ve covered Wavefront since the beginning and they deserve the positive press hthey receive. They’re the real good guys when it comes to Wireless development here on the Wet Coast.

To find out more about Wavefront, check them out here.