Wavefront Hooks CNN Reporter up with BC Technology

Citizen journalist and CNN’s iReporter Chris Morrow travels the world, camera in hand, documenting stories for the international news network.

During her 17 days covering the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver last month, Morrow relied heavily on a smart phone while producing more than 30 iReports for the network with the majority aired on CNN and HLN.

Vancouver’s Wavefront was kind enough to lend Morrow a smart phone during her time in Vancouver but more importantly they introduced her to one of its mobile community members – Kelowna-based VeriCorder Technology

Vericoder developings a new breed of mobile journalism applications and Morrow used VeriCorder’s ShowCase software for the iPhone while reporting in Vancouver. With ShowCase Morrow was able to record, edit and file multimedia stories directly from her iPhone to the web.


Morrow plans to continue using and evaluating the Vericoder’s mobile journalism app now that she has returned to her home base in San Diego.