Wavefront introduces AT&T’s Developer Program

Next week Wavefront is hosting a WaveGuide seminar titled How to Engage AT&T and utilize devCentral to create usccessful apps. The interative seminar is meant to give developers of mobile applications an introduction to AT&T’s Developer Program.

Attend this interactive seminar to receive an introduction to devCentral, the AT&T Developer Program, and learn how to engage with AT&T. Whether you are developer of consumer or enterprise mobile applications, speaker Ed Schmit will show how AT&T devCentral can help you to create and market your apps from concept to delivery and into the hands of AT&T’s over 78 million mobile users. Examples of successful application launches will be provided. This is a must attend for iPhone®, wireless, new media and content application developers with an opportunity to network with AT&T and local developer peers.

The seminar takes place on Tuesday August 18th from 1:30-3:30pm in hte lower level conference centre at 1055 West Hastings. Register online.