Wavefront turns Orange for October and helps local wireless companies

Earlier this month Vancouver became the third North American city – behind San Francisco and New York – to join the family of Orange Developer Centres

That’s pretty good company, but some of you may be asking “who’s Orange?”

Orange is the key brand of France Telecom and are the fifth largest telecom operator in the world with 182 Million customers in 32 countries. To put that in perspective, as of June 2010 the total number of Canadian wireless phone subscribers was 23.4 million.

Orange is looking to unearth the most exciting North American apps and solutions for their worldwide customers and have turned to Vancouver’s Wavefront for assistance in Canada.  Wavefront is home to Vancouver Orange Partner Developer Centre, which means mobile developers can test their ideas on Orange devices connected to a live 2G and 3G European network.

So are Vancouver developers taking advantage of Wavefront’s Orange opportunity? You bet they are.

Vancouver’s airG has quietly built a mobile community with more than 45 million unique users worldwide thanks to relationships with mobile operators like Orange.

“As an Orange Partner based in Vancouver, having the Orange developer centre in our own backyard will speed our time-to-market and reduce our development costs as we can accomplish all of our testing and validation without travel,” said Vincent Yen, Director, airG, a global leader in developing mobile social entertainment applications.

airG was founded in 2000 by technology entrepreneurs Frederick Ghahramani, Vincent Yen and Bryce Pasechnik and has over 185 employees at its head office in Vancouver.