Wavefront Wireless facility officially opens next week

BC’s Minister of Small Business, Technology and Economic Development Iain Black is officially opening the new downtown Vancouver Wavefront wireless facility on August 18th.

The 7,000-square-foot Wavefront facility has been outfitted with an impressive array of testing equipment required to support B.C.’s booming mobile industry such as 250 cell phone handsets, remote access to thousands more, and network access and equipment for testing the latest entertainment, gaming, navigation and workforce mobile applications created in the region.

It’s an invite-only event but Techvibes will be there to report back on demonstrations by a dozen of BC’s wireless companies, a tour of the facility and a presentation by Fierce Wireless Editor-in-chief Sue Marek on the global wireless industry and Vancouver’s rising place in it.

If you’re BC-based wireless startup, check out Wavefront’s office rental packages that start at $350/month. It’s a cost-effective way to get started with easy onsite access to Wavefront’s commercialization services and testing facilities so you can focus resources on innovation and marketing. For details and availability, email Wavefront at contact@wavefrontac.com.