WB Games Montreal Plans $63 Million Expansion, Including 100 New Jobs

Another large game developer is planning to expand its presence in Montreal.

Warner Brother’s Games Montreal announced a $63 million expansion of its studio on Friday. The expansion is scheduled to take place over the next five years and will see the studio add 100 people to its current staff of 325.

The studio, whose games include Batman: Arkham Origins; the Wii U version of Batman Arkham City, the Armored Editon; Lego Chima Online, is currently working on titles featuring characters from the DC Comics universe.

The announcement comes on the heels of a major investment by Ubisoft into its Montreal studios. And, just like with Ubisoft, the Quebec government is putting up some cash: $1.5 million to be exact.

The Ubisoft expansion will see that company invest $373 in to its Montreal studio and increase its staff in the city by 500. The province is putting $9.9 million into that expansion.

WB Montreal will also be able to take advantage of an expanded tax credit for game developers that was announced alongside the news of Ubisoft’s expansion. That credit allows game makers to deduct 37.5 per cent of salaries for a variety of employees.

This is the Quebec government’s second investment in WB Games. In 2010 the provincial government lured the company to Montreal with a $7.5-million grant—on the condition that the company create 300 jobs.

“Thanks to dynamic and innovative companies, such as WB Games Montreal, Quebec has become a major technological showcase for the video game industry, and this is at the international level,” Quebec priemier Pauline Marois said in a French-language statement. “My Government is proud to support these jewels of our economy that are real creators of wealth and jobs for Quebec.”

Over 8,000 people work in Quebec’s video game industry, around half of all game development jobs in Canada, making Montreal the largest video game development hub in Canada and one of the three largest in the world.