Robo-Advisor Wealthsimple Launches Responsible Investment Portfolios in Canada

Wealthsimple has launched “responsible investment portfolios.”

In recent years, the demand for clients looking to align their values with their investments has increased dramatically. There are now $22 trillion in assets worldwide in socially responsible funds. In Canada, SRI accounts for 20% of all financial assets.

“We’re committed to providing innovative investing solutions to our clients, including socially responsible options,” says CEO Michael Katchen. “We’re thrilled to help Canadians feel good about their investments morally, as well as financially.”

The SRI portfolio is meant to serve as a potential substitute for a conventional Wealthsimple portfolio, spotlighting a best in-class, diversified investment strategy. The selected ETFs prioritize low carbon emissions, advance cleantech innovation, and promote sustainable growth in emerging markets.

Founded by a team of financial experts and technology entrepreneurs, Wealthsimple is currently registered and operating in every Canadian province and territory.