Weather Network WeatherEye app hits Android, Windows Mobile

The Weather Network, Canada’s go-to TV channel before a flight or road trip, has just deployed its WeatherEye Mobile app onto the Android and Windows Mobile platforms, making it the only free weather app available across the four most popular mobile OSes in North America (the other two being small time players like RIM and Apple.

The Weather Network also provides on-the-go web users with According to their numbers, it’s the thrid most popular mobile site after Windows Live Mail and Facebook, with over 887,700 Canadians accessing the site.

“We put a lot of time and effort into designing WeatherEye Mobile, from content and design, to functionality on the different handsets and operating systems.  As a result, WeatherEye is the most popular free weather app in Canada on both BlackBerry and iPhone, and we expect the same results with Windows Mobile and Google Android,” Weather Network Mobile Division head Mark Thompson said.

I’m all for new and interesting apps on multiple platforms, especially if they tell me if I’m likely to get soaked if I step outside. However, I am quite shocked that so many people are even using Windows Live Mail, let alone able to check it out on their mobile devices.