Web 2.0 Addventures

It’s always great to see Canadian Web 2.0 start-ups get early coverage on sites like Techcrunch and Mashable. It gives them exposure to big US audiences and is often the tipping point in getting their websites the traffic they need to make or break it. Two days ago Vancouver-based Protagonize was profiled on Mashable and founder Nick Bouton was kind enough to give me the heads up about his new pet project.

Protagonize is an online community dedicated to the lost art of the addventure, a type of collaborative fiction. Bouton developed Protagonize in an attempt to modernize the collaborative creative writing arena and inject a little Web 2.0 love to produce a better interface.  Bouton is the product manager and lead developer for OpenRoad Communications’ ThoughtFarmer intranet wiki product, so the interface won’t be a concern. 

A handful of thoughtful Web 2.0 functionality like flagging favorite authors and stories, adding markers to track specific stories, reader ratings, tag clouds, and a variety of RSS feed options could breathe new life into the lost art of addventure.