Web 2.0 goes urban with MixYourWorlds

One of the hallmarks of the Internet is the way it cuts across societal barriers, but it also allows communities to come together in new ways and on new platforms. MixYourwWorlds.com is one such platform, an almost 500,000 member strong site based out of Toronto. The site, launched in June 2007, serves as a social networking hub and dating destination for the community, and has just created a free online speed dating system that site creator Art Harrison enthused is a “fantastic and fun way to meet many people in a short period of time.” 29 year old Harrison is the sole programer, designer, and webmaster of the site, and has been creating similar portals since 2001.

But while the site is an impressive feat for a one-man shop, it does lack some key Web 2.0 features that could take it to the next level. Harrison doesn’t appear to have a blog, and the site relies on Web 1.0 standards like message boards and chat rooms, rather than creating participatory spaces, tagging and increasing connectivity between users.