Web Apps from Microsoft’s WebsiteSpark Program

If you run or work at a small web design or development firm, Microsoft’s WebsiteSpark program is worth looking in to. WebsiteSpark is Microsoft’s global program dedicated to helping small web companies succeed. 

What do you get when you join WebsiteSpark?

  • Visibility: By being showcased in the WebsiteSpark marketplace as well as through opportunities creating through Microsoft’s marketing and business networking programs.
  • Support: You’ll get hooked up with an entire ecosystem of Microsoft support, network and hosting partners, and web developers and designers so you have a wide range of technical and business resources

If addtion, there are a handful of web apps available for you to use along with the tools listed above. Take Moodle as an example:

Moodle is a Learning Management System (LMS) that provides educators with tools such as resources, forums, quizzes, assignments, learning objects, surveys, polls, data collections, lessons, wikis and projects so that they can construct web-based courses about any topic and then invite students into those courses. Moodle has many management features such as groups, gradebooks, reports, custom roles, import/export/archiving, payments and integration with many other systems. Moodle is PHP software but it runs on nearly every platform and most kinds of database.

So are you eligible to join WebsiteSpark? If you can answer “yes” to the two questions below, then you are:

  1. Is your company a professional service firm whose primary business is providing Web development and design services for its clients?
  2. Does your company have 10 or fewer people, including owners and employees?

The full details on the WebsiteSpark program are available online. Check it out, and if it’s right for you, be sure to sign up.