Web-based Entrepreneurs lunch next week

TeamPages‘ Mike Tan has brought an Vancouver Island tradition to the mainland and is hosting his fourth Vancouver Web Based Entrepreneurs Lunch on October 15th at Canvas Lounge in Yaletown.

This time around he’s changing the format slightly with four topic focused tables so that entrepreneurs with similar issues, passions, and interests can sit together. Here are the topics that have been determined by the attendees:

  1. Monetization and business models (advertising, subscriptions, e-commerce)
  2. Raising capital and fundraising (raising capital from Angels and VC’s, SRED, IRAP)
  3. Internet marketing (SEO, SEM, Twitter, email marketing)
  4. Product Development (planning, usability, QA, development models, technology)

The event is sold out but Mike has promised to open up a few more spots if needed, so if you’re interested head on over and sign-up now.