Web Traffic From Tablets Growing 10X Faster Than Smartphones: Adobe

The tablet has nearly surprassed the smartphone in web traffic. According to Adobe’s latest findings, revealed in its Digital Index report, the tablet is growing web traffic much faster than smartphones, and will generate more visits than smartphones within a year.

Web traffic from tablets more than tripled in 2011 according to Adobe. And tablet web browsing is growing at a staggering 10 times faster than on smartphones, the report found. 

At this pace, tablet browsing could account for 10% of all web traffic by 2014. Still, the PC continues to reign king for now: survey respondents indicated that they visit websites three times as often on their PCs than their tablets.

“As businesses rethink their digital experiences to include mobile strategies, tablets are emerging as the consumer device of choice,” said Brad Rencher, senior vice president and general manager, of the digital marketing business, at Adobe. “Digital CMOs are wise to take a mobile first approach to optimize their digital content and marketing initiatives with a focus on the tablet experience because the consumer demands it.”