Webware 100 Brings Some Canadian Competition

WebWare 100Canadians may not to get to vote in the US Primaries, and it looks like a Federal election won’t happen just yet, but they can cast ballots for their favorite web apps. The Webware 100 is CNET’s annual user-voted awards for the best Web 2.0 apps. 300 finalists are spread across 10 categories, and ranging from the fresh startups to the dominant players. While the list pushes the already vague definition of “Web 2.0”, it’s pretty inclusive of many apps and services that web users depend on daily.

Maple Leaf 2.0 notes the Canadian companies on the list (though misses one): collaboration app Octopz (Toronto), liveblogging app CoverItLive (Toronto), telecom service Mobivox (Montreal), design collaboration app ConceptShare (Sudbury), and multipurpose database DabbleDB (Vancouver). Partial credit to the social web browser Flock, with two Victoria employees that I had the pleasure of meeting at Northern Voice. Also on the list are open source projects with Canadian contributions: Drupal, WordPress, and OpenID.

Voting runs until March 31. Go vote, and consider that Google and Windows Live probably don’t need your ballot.