Weddingful looking for her Mr. Right.

Female seeking Male – or perhaps, Female. Must understand my ambition and vision, share my unreasonable passion for success. Love of long walks is a plus, and by long walks, I mean long hours.

When I first came up with the idea for Weddingful, a relevant search and comprehensive information website for weddings, back in September 2009 I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. I thought I would have trouble with the usual suspects – raising money, launching the website, collecting the comprehensive information, and of course, generating revenue. Nine months later, check, check, check and check; we’ve done all of those. But yet I can’t seem to solve the seemingly easy task of finding that other person.

Coffee date after coffee date, scouring online websites, posting the same ad every day, exhausting my network of friends for potential candidates, even going as far as asking my investors to message their LinkedIn contacts. Nothing seems to work. Is this what people mean by “being in a rut”? I just can’t find the guy!

And by the guy, I mean my technical co-founder!

Searching for the right technical co-founder is a lot like finding the perfect spouse. The chemistry needs to be right, not to mention that fine balance between having things in common, while complementing each other’s personality and skill sets. Am I supposed to “just know” when I’ve met that person, or is a connection supposed to develop slowly? And if it’s an instantaneous connection, how do I know it’ll last over time? It makes my head spin just thinking about it; I’d choose pitching to investors and trying to hit my numbers any day!

I am about as well-versed in the language of programming as I am fluent in Spanish (which I’m not). Meanwhile Weddingful is complicated, and written using a smart-search algorithm. It’s designed to consider the most efficient way a vendor can claim their business listing, and the most convenient manner a bride can search for vendors and save their match. Every small detail of the user experience has been carefully considered and cleverly executed. I knew from day one that I’d need a technical co-founder fluent enough to sing and dance in programming.

I’m not certain whether my waiting (or lack thereof) for the right one is a blessing or a curse. It has led Weddingful to move forward and I’ve learnt to change my own flat tires, so to speak, as I went along. Now Weddingful is in this rare predicament where the site is fully launched and functional and yet… I’m still stuck searching for the perfect match.

If you are a solid PHP programmer, with great product knowledge and a passion for start-ups: message me. You are the last piece of my puzzle.