Weekend Reading: Early Exits – Canadian Perspective

The Art and Science of the Small Exit by Ben Yoskovitz, Co-Founder of Montreal-based StandoutJobs

Startup lessons: An interview with Carl Mercier by Mark MacLeod, CFO of Tungle. Carl is the Founder and CEO of Defensio, which got to an exit recently without any prior outside investment.

The era of the small exit by Mark MacLeod

Early Exits are Good for Everyone by Basil Peters, Vancouver-based angel investor. Basil is writing the book on Early Exits, due out in March ’09, which will be available in hard cover as well as ebook formats.

2007: The Bubble Shared by Albert Lai. One of the more well-known local small exits, where Toronto-based photo-editing site Bubbleshare got bought by Kaboose for $2.25 million.

TechCrunch’s first premium research product is out this weekend as well, drawing on data from Crunchbase which now includes more than 15,000 companies. Check it out at The TechCrunch 2008 Year in Review.