Welcome to 2011, when controlling your PC takes a mere wave of the hand

We’ve mentioned before that Microsoft’s Kinect has some potential applications beyond gaming. Now, PrimeSense Ltd., the company that designed Kinect’s 3D camera, is proposing using their technology as a way for people to interact with PCS.

The proposed technology was a collaboration with Asus, and will be debuted this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

From the CBC:

The companies plan to enable motion controls on PCs in the second quarter of the year through an accessory called the WAVIXtion, which combines an Asus user interface with PrimeSense’s 3D technology.

Asus did not say how much WAVI Xtion will cost.

Asus is also using PrimeSense technology in a product for software developers called Xtion PRO. To be released in February, Xtion PRO will let developers make applications that incorporate gesture controls.

I hope PrimeSense releases some video of this week’s debut of their new technology, because I’m sceptical about how well it will work in the real world. What will your computer do when a cat walks in front of it as you are typing? What will it do when you sneeze in front of your monitor? I hope these two companies have designed this product for the real world, and not just the big stage at CES.

Stay tuned for the actual unveiling of this product at the CES, January 6–9th.