‘We’re quitting Facebook!’ – Quit Facebook Day has arrived

QuitFacebookDay is a website launched May 12 by Joseph Dee and Matthew Milan. The site is designed to have Facebook users, be they addicts or casual, commit to quitting Facebook today, May 31. Over 30,000 users have made the pledge.

Joseph cites privacy is obviously an issue, but it’s also a matter of trust. “It’s more than just the issue of how they’re handling people’s personal information,” he said. “It’s about the approach that they take to the experience. It’s one thing to give people the option to set their privacy, but how easy is that to do? And how much are they really concerned about people having ownership over that?” He added, “I don’t get the feeling that that’s really their intent, so it’s an issue of trust as much as it is an issue of privacy for me.”

The website compares Facebook to smoking, and how they’re both difficult to quit. It’s a fair comparison, as both are addictions which are detrimental to one’s health—and, as noted in this previous post—your social and professional lives.

If you can’t quite bring yourself to quit today, remember: QuitFacebookDay is officially today, but it’s still okay if you quit tomorrow, or the day after, too.

Will you quit Facebook? Today, or down the road? Why?