Wesport Innovations #1 on Corporate Kinghts’ Cleantech 10 for second straight year

Richmond’s Westport Innovations Inc., a company specializing in alternative fuel solutions for transportation, has retained its number one position on the Corporate Knights Cleantech 10 list for the second year in a row.

Corporate Knights, “the magazine for clean capitalism,” complies its yearly Cleantech 10 list to represent Canada’s best companies in the cleantech realm. Companies on the list span a range of sectors from desalination to biofuels to solar technology. Corporate Knights is committed to honouring technology-driven growth companies that have big impacts on resource efficiency and the environment — not simply those re-branding themselves as “green.”

When ranking companies, they strive to recognize companies that put a heavy emphasis on purity — the percentage of revenues or income from Cleantech business, and the degree to which those revenues are truly “clean.”

“With nine billion people on the horizon on a planet of finite resources, the space race for which country can make the most productive use of resources is on, and these companies are Canada’s great green hope,” said Toby A. A. Heaps, editor-in-chief of Corporate Knights, in a press release.

“Westport Innovations Inc. has been on our Cleantech 10 list since its inception and also has the distinction of being a member of Best 50 Corporate Citizens list since 2008. We’re proud of this Canadian success story.”
Westport has been involved in natural gas, biomethane, and hydrogen solutions for companies like Cummins, Beijing Tianhai Industry Co. and Cryostar SAS; helping to move these companies away from gasoline and towards cleaner-burning fuels.

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