WestJet May No Longer Appear on Expedia or Travelocity Next Week

WestJet may stop appearing in Expedia and Travelocity searches next week.

The Calgary-based airline’s contract with booking system Sabre Global Distribution Service has come to an end and the two companies can’t seem to agree on a new one.

Negotiations have been ongoing for more than a year. Sabe charges high fees that WestJet says eat into razor-thin margins, but an airline not using Sabre’s service is at a substantial competitive disadvantage.

Unless things change, WestJet’s contract will end and vanish from the booking system effective Monday, January 26. Travel agents, among most everyone else, hope the two firms can compromise before then, with the Association of Canadian Travel Agents noting it would benefit all parties involved to have WestJet and Sabre make nice.