Wetpaint goes Social

Seattle’s Wetpaint unveiled new social networking features today that they hope will aid in content creation on its award-winning wiki service. With the addition of such new features as a Friends Network, Custom Member Profiles, a What’s New site activity dashboard and Friends Feeds, Wetpaint has created an integrated social publishing platform, empowering anyone to easily create a social and collaborative website. Wetpaint users are now able to connect with other users through Facebook-style friend invitations, edit and update member profile pages, and send messages to others on the Wetpaint platform.

“At its essence, online collaboration is a social experience, but on most wikis that aspect has been limited to hidden discussion pages – it’s the equivalent of a cocktail party where no one talks to each other,” said Ben Elowitz, CEO of Wetpaint. “By adding a social dimension to Wetpaint, users are more likely to interact and engage with each other – interaction being the key driver to generating content that has lasting value to not only themselves but a wider reading audience.”

Wetpaint is #6 on the Seattle 2.0 February Start-up Index.