What are you listening to? The Police.

The Saanich Police will be hosting a media conference on Tuesday, September 16th at 11:00 am, at the Police HQ in Saanich to unveil a podcast system powered by Victoria’s DailySplice.

Podcasting is growing faster than any other broadcast medium in history. The Saanich Police, AbeBooks.com, and the University of Victoria will each be launching cutting edge podcast systems at this event. Come see these organizations are not only participating, but building a new model for podcasting with Splice Stations that will put them at the forefront of online social media.

DailySplice lets you create your own Splice Station, which is like a radio or TV station that plays programs you like. You customize your Splice Station by adding shows to your list and telling us what you like and don’t like while you listen.

DailySplice was #13 on the September Victoria Start-up Index. Stay tuned for more information on Tuesday.