What Can a 15-Year-Old Learn at the GROW Conference?

This summer, I had the honour and privilege to join over a thousand people at the GROW conference in Whistler.

And I can safely say that GROW was one of the best experiences I have ever had.

But what does GROW have in store for younger people? Well, in a new “connected world,” it is very beneficial to learn as much as you can about technology and business. Knowing how the world works makes it much easier to understand how you can make it work for you, and how you can work to help it.

Going to GROW meant that I can learn about all of the new tech and startups. I could witness business deals first-hand, and even be a part of them. What better way to learn about venture capital and startups than to join in the deals?

Also, I think that the main thing GROW had in store was the people you could meet. Nearly a thousand people attended GROW and every one of them had a story to tell and a lesson to teach. Many of them have their own businesses and shared their experiences, both positive and negative. It was nearly impossible to walk through a hallway without seeing a new face and a new idea.

And if the crowds of investors, sponsors, and innovators were not enough, there were numerous speakers as well, who either share their startups and ideas, or simply sit down with others and talk on stage. These panels of people were particularly interesting. All you need to do is gather a few smart people in a room, let them talk, and the inspiring, innovative plans which come out amazed me. Listening to people who are geniuses in their field discuss issues and give advice was likely my favourite part of GROW.

And what better group to give this information to than younger people? The teens, tweens, and children of the earth hold the future of the world in their hands. It is vital that the knowledge of the past, present, and future is passed on to them, so that they an make educated decisions on their life choices. Even if we don’t grow up to be investors or startup founders, the information shared at GROW is still useful in all areas of life.

All in all, GROW was a wonderful experience for me. I know I will definitely try to come back to the conference in future years to learn more about the growing information age, the connected world, and new technologies. After all, there will always be a new person to meet and a new thought to think about. And hey: there’s free food!

I hope that other teenagers can have the glorious opportunity to attend this meeting of knowledge, inspiration, ideas, and innovation.