What Canadians Look for in a Workplace

What do Canadians look for in their ideal workplace?

According to a report from Regus, the majority of Canadian professionals (84%) want fast and reliable IT services. The report also found that Canadian respondents value a workplace that looks “smart” (58%) and has professional front desk management (54%), suggesting first impressions remain important.

In addition to reliable IT and a professional appearance, a fifth of Canadian professionals (20%) want to reduce their commute to improve work-life balance by working closer to home. Respondents also noted prestigious locations or up-and-coming areas are less attractive than useful locations with services nearby such as parking lots, public transport, and restaurants and shops.

“According to our global survey, workers around the world agree that the key feature of the ideal work environment is highly functional IT and a professional appearance,” said Craig Townsend, Director of Marketing and Partnerships, Regus Canada.

“Employees want to be productive and connected at all times, and they want a printer that works,” he continued. “A smart, safe and professional environment in a useful location that gives them access to parking spaces or public transportation is also key.”

68% of Canadians highlighted the importance of the safety of their belongings. Only 4% of respondents said they want to be close to the nursery or school.

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