What do you get when Facebook and Chatroulette have a baby? Quebec’s ViDoBounce

ViDoBounce, a live video social networking website, is the brainchild of a Bishop’s University freshman in Quebec.

Most easily described as a marriage of Facebook and Chatroulette, ViDoBounce allows users to log on and activate their camera to start talking to people from their college, region or really anywhere in the world. Unlike Chatroulette, you can select filters (thankfully).

And if you like who you e-meet, you can friend them like on Facebook, and then video-call them as you please, akin to Skype, or instant message them. In fact, ViDoBounce is quite integrated with Facebook (you can login through your Facebook and go through to friend’s Facebook profiles).

While at first it seems a shameless ripoff of a couple currently popular services, its simple and clever mesh of three different successful things (Facebook, Chatroulette, and Skype) creates what has the potential to be a fairly useful network.

The vulnerability I observe is that if Facebook created a Skype-esque component, ViDoBounce would be DOA. Same goes with Microsoft adding a social network element to Skype. Or even Chatroulette… nevermind, that site will never change. Anyway, ViDoBounce is definitely worth taking a look at.