What does convergence mean for your company?

With telecom companies owning more and more of the media landscape, convergence is more and more of a factor in the broadcast, media and communications business. A conference hosted by Insight Information, “Convergence and Competition: The New Reality,” will examine the critical influences that convergence is and will have for sectors like telecommunications, broadcasting, entertainment and digital media.

The conference will feature a variety of formats, including presentations, round-table conversations and interactive discussions. There will be plenty of opportunities for networking and making connections, both with fellow attendees and presenting speakers.

Key themes of the conference will deal with Canada’s national digital strategy, the impacts of new players and foreign ownership, gaming, maintaining Canada’s distinct culture, and Canada’s identity compared to the U.S. Former Mitel CEO Don Smith [pictured] will give the keynote presentation, “Virtualization and Mobility: The New Reality in Convergence.”

Convergence and Competition takes place March 28–29th at the St. Andrew’s Club and Conference Centre in Toronto. For registration or other info, click here.