What Does it Take for an App to Get on Apple’s Top 25 List?

A lot of iPhone and iPad users never bother to venture beyond Apple’s top 25 lists for apps. That’s why it’s so important to developers that they crack this list, even just temporarily, if they want to make it big.

But getting there requires some success to have already been established. The question of just how much, though, has never been perfectly clear.

Distomo, however, has added some clarity. They have drummed up numbers based on recently pulled data to determine how many daily downloads an app needs in order to crack the list.

The company found that a free game needs to reach 25,300 daily downloads to crack the Top 25 Games chart. To make it on the overall iTunes chart, a free game would need to hit 38,400 daily downloads.

Paid apps have it a lot easier—well, the requirements are much lower, at least. The game category requires a minimum of 2,280 daily downloads, while the overall chart requires 3,530 downloads.

Note: these are US statistics.