What happens in Vegas, hits the Blogosphere

b5media’s Jeremy Wright has never backed down from a blog comment he didn’t like. He takes b5media’s online reputation very seriously and weighs in on comment threads whether the chatter is about their #1 spot on Techvibes Toronto Startup Index or rumours of a mass exodus of bloggers from his company.

In the case of the second thread, Ryan Caldwell’s claim in a September 14th blog post that b5 bloggers are upset about an upcoming pay cut and planning a mass exodus could not be ignored. Although it’s pretty clear that bloggers like Caldwell (and some of us at Techvibes) love stirring up the S*#! online and witnessing the traffic spikes that result.

Wright stated that b5media has announced nothing and did his best to quash the rumours but in the process confirmed that all is well at b5.

And while some of the things impacting the industry could easily be projected onto b5, the truth of the matter (in terms of the health of the company) is that we’ve just closed an additional round of funding (no further details at this time, though it is larger than our first round). Per my multiple posts on ensight.org, the industry is going through a major shift right now, and while some of those will undoubtedly impact b5, we’re doing everything we can to continue investing in our bloggers, including keeping pay as fair as possible.

While Caldwell probably doesn’t agree, this is great news for the blogging world. Two years ago b5media raised US $2 Million of equity financing through Brightspark Ventures and JLA Ventures, so an second larger round of funding now is most definitely a vote of confidence in the b5 model.

b5media is a Silver Sponsor of this weekend’s Blog World Expo in Las Vegas. Be on the look out for official announcements from the show floor. In this case, what happens in Vegas, hits the blogosphere seconds later.