Here’s What Makes BlackBerry Distinct from iOS and Android According to RIM

Despite numerous fundamental similarities, mobile platforms are all quite unique. The user experience of each is decidedly different—enough so to trigger polarization equivalent to the infamy of election year in America, shockingly enough. In fact, “Fandroids” and “iSheep” may very well be worse for trolling and bickering than Republicans and Democrats these days.

But I digress. What’s important here is how Research In Motion emphasizes the differences of BlackBerry 10, its do-or-die mobile platform slated for an officiail unveiling January 30. Because five years in, everyone knows whether they prefer iOS or Android—and why. But what’s going to make a consumer pick BB10?

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The Globe and Mail sat down with RIM’s senior manager of product marketing, Jeff Gadway, to answer this very question: “What makes BlackBerry 10 distinct from iPhones or Android devices?” Here was his response.

What really sets BlackBerry 10 apart from these other platforms is its brand-new user experience. The current paradigm that prevails, this in-and-out between applications, has been out there for about five years now. And so with BlackBerry 10 … we’re really eliminating the need for a home button; you don’t need to go in and out of multiple apps to complete a task.

It’s not a lot to go on, but if you get the chance to demo a prototype device, do it. It’s difficult to describe but easy to experience; the new software is incredibly efficient and empowers your thumb like never before. However, whether that’s enough to take on iOS and Android remains to be seen.

RIM is up nearly 6% in trading today.