What the iPhone is really all about (and 10 ways to embrace it)

The iPhone is well-known for it apps. It has well over 200,000 now, and the count rises each and every day. That’s its ultimate snag—what makes it pop out on the shelf when next to a Blackberry, Nokia, or HTC phone. There are many categories, from sports and entertainment, to travel and lifestyle, to music and photography—even books, education, and productivity.

They’re all great categories, and all boast some spectacular apps, but it’s clear there is only one thing on the mind of most iPhone users.


The iTunes Top 10 chart for free apps has 6 game-category apps and 2 entertainment apps. The Top 10 chart for paid apps has 9 game apps and 1 entertainment app. A third party website, which lists the top 148 iPhone apps of all time, is never less than 95% gaming apps. Clearly, the iPhone users have spoken: they want to be entertained.

Where the Blackberry has garnered fame and success for its sleek portable emailing and business-oriented, productivity-driven collection of apps, the iPhone seems destined to fulfill a different role: appealing to fun-oriented, entertainment-demanding gamers. And that’s fine. Diversity in the smartphone market is a good thing. Techvibes is embracing the iPhone’s golden nugget that is the game-app category.

10 Game Apps the iPhone Addict Just Isn’t Cool Without

1. Scrabble. Need we say more? A true classic, Scrabble is a staple in any iPhone gamer’s app library. $2.99

2.  Tetris. Another true classic, you either have it, or you’re just not that hip. $2.99

3. Monopoly. Plagued slightly by in-game ads (despite being a paid app), Monopoly still reigns as one of the ultimate board games of all time. Just as every household has this in cardboard, so must every smartphoner possess its app counterpart. $2.99

4. SimCity / The Sims 3. There is nothing quite as fun as creating, developing, and then killing cities and the humans that habitat them. $2.9 and $6.99

5. Rock Band / Guitar Hero. Yes, that’s right. You can play in a band on your smartphone. The gameplay can be cumbersome, but who cares? It’s worth it to be a mobile rockstar. $6.99 and $2.99

Stepping out of the mainstream now…

6. Ninjatown: Trees of Doom. Highly rated and recommended by players and critics alike, this fun, addictive arcade-style game sees adorable characters “climb, flip, fling, and fly up the Trees of Doom” as you compete against other Wee Ninjas. $0.99

7. Cartoon Wars. In this game, you create your own unique units to conquer the enemy’s castle. It’s a little limited in scope, but this arcade-style thumb-abuser is sure to have you addicted. $0.99

8. Gangstar: West Coast Hustle. This app is renowned for its sleek graphics and massive world. This magnificently 3D Grand Theft Auto replica will delight hustlers and gangsters everywhere. $4.99

9. Battle Bears: Zombies! This shooter game is simple, fun, and, hey—who doesn’t wanna shoot zombies as a teddy bear? $0.99

10. Glass Tower 3. This puzzle game challenges the mind and is great to whip out while waiting for the bus, or sitting on the bus, or in many situations not relating to buses. Free (+$1 for new levels)

Honourable mentions: Sudoku, Darts, Frogger, and Pac-Man. All of these apps are searchable and purchasable in the iTunes app store.