What to do in the bedroom on Valentine’s Day: sex or tablets?

What’s the number one thing you do in the bedroom besides sleep? These days, it might just be using your iPad.

A new study by digital agency Rosetta reveals that more than two-thirds of tablet users are likely to spend a “significant” amount of time with their tablet in the bedroom, and 24% will even bring t into their bathroom. Not only that, but buying a tablet is like getting married, Rosetta believes, in the sense that their is a “honeymoon period” following the buy, where owners are eager to explore the many features of their new companion.

“When the device is new, consumers tend to explore the full range of capabilities offered by tablets, from buying applications to creating documents, to shopping,” the report reads. “After six months or more of ownership, a clearer pattern emerges as certain usages drop off and they continue to more actively use their tablets for things like reading or checking email, watching TV or movies, reading e-books, magazines or newspapers, and using social networking sites.” 

Will you be getting busy with your tablet tonight?