What to expect from Day Two of #FITC 2010

It’s day two of FITC 2010, today, where technology and design converge in the city of Toronto. With momentum building and going strong, it’s no wonder that the Toronto tech and design community are committed to bringing to the forefront some of the most thought provoking, challenging and unique programming content we’ve seen to date. Here’s a snapshot at some of the rich discussions that are set to take place, today and tomorrow:

Didier Brun asks the question: ‘You talkin’ to me?’ Didier will present demo based voice recognition & pitch detection. He will introduce the new VoiceGesture API and explain how to create a sound model, a voice group, and how to catch voice events. Didier will also discuss how to build a SingStar-like application from scratch, prepare a mp3-pitch-track & detect the pitch in real-time. Finally Didier will take us through an in-depth explanation of the Dynamic Time Warping algorithm, explaining how we can compare two given images representing data that vary in time. As a gift, all participants of this session will receive a cd-rom containing the first public release of VoiceGesture and all the sources used during the session.

Jason Theodor is presenting “Creativity and Chaos,” Unexpected life events, miracles, tragedies, random occurrences, freak accidents, remembered dreams, screw-ups, messes, falling leaves, falling in love, craziness, evolution, madness, traffic snarls, boredom, depression, lottery winnings, overdoses, auditory elation, media fixation, crashes, television snow, soft wind, shutter clicks, bliss, refracted sunlight… how does creativity respond to chaos? How can chaos be channeled to make your work/art better? Jason Theodor has a few crazy ideas.

Are you absorbed, immersed and obsessed with storytelling? Then this is a session for you: Digital technologies and new forms of interactive storytelling are changing the way that we imagine, design and create experiences in the virtual and built environment. These new spaces of fiction re-imagine content creation, interfaces, interactions and physical environments. This multi-disciplinary panel explores the creative process, design opportunities, and cultural impact of the present and future of immersive design.

Check back for more updates on FITC 2010.