What we love about TxtMeNow

TxtMeNow is a Canadian company that increases the touch points between vendors and consumers. They started off in mobile couponing and now include event professional appointment reminders and event management in their roster of services.

Mobile couponing seems to make so much sense. It’s not in your face, it’s not bad for the environment and it’s fast. While it isn’t new, we like how TxtMeNow is partnering local businesses together with one another. For example, if you sign up for a Yoga Class, you can get a coupon for the Juice Bar around the corner. Consumers enjoy the added experience and vendors appreciate the boost – a small way of helping build up the local community.

Appointment Reminders go straight to SMS. Instead of having someone call about your next dental appointment, you can sign up for appointment reminders when you first schedule the appointment. TxtMeNow will send out all of the information around the appointment. If you need to reschedule, you can text back saying “reschedule” and do it all straight from your phone.

Event Management, regardless of the type of mobile phone you have. We can’t lie, we love fancy iPhone apps. However, not everyone has an iPhone. TxtMeNow offers a solution that works for all mobile phones, including that old Razr you insist on carrying around. Schedule session reminders, SMS links to presentations, or post-event wrap ups. Additionally, attendees can use short codes to trade contact information, without needing to keep track of a stack of business cards.

The president of TxtMeNow, Anil Hasham is speaking at MWC in Barcelona next month on geofencing for mobile couponing and quantifying the rate of return. Interesting stuff from a great local company.