What’s coming in iPhone OS 3.0?

On Tuesday, Apple will roll out a blueprint for version 3.0 of its iPhone OS to select media at its headquarters in Cupertino. Since I’m not one of the anointed, here’s my guess as to what new features Apple will, or at least should, trot out to extend their iconic mobile device.

cut and paste: There’s a reason this is on top of every Apple user’s wish list; it extends the functionality of the device by leaps and bounds. Copy and paste will mean the ability to send links, type longer notes, and make the iPhone an ideal mobile blogging platform. And it looks like, if Kevin Rose is to be believed, cut and paste is on its way.

Flash is an unlikely addition, given that it cedes a small measure of control over Apple’s cash cow to Adobe, traditionally a rival of the Cupertino giant. It would be nice, however, to fire up a page in Mobile Safari and not see the “I dunno” question mark cube everytime the iPhone comes across a page with Flash elements.

For a phone that is a dream to use when viewing video, the iPhone falls well short of the mark when you want to get video from it out to the internet. In fact, in order to do so you’ll have to jailbreak your phone and download Qik or Cycorder. Apple’s laptops are the creative’s machine of choice, and the same should apply to their phones.

and while there’s no way to improve the iPhone’s camera until Apple decides to revise the hardware, it would be nice to see Apple roll some of the features of third party hoto programs like steady shot and arty effects into their own photo software.

How many of these predictions will come to pass? Cut and Paste seems almost unavoidable, but Flash, video and photo improvements are a bit of a long shot. Regardess, you have less than 24 hours to find out what new goodies Apple has in store for iPhone users.