What’s Going On At MaRS

The following are selected excerpts from the bi-weekly MaRS Centre newsletter dated Nov 3rd ’09:

Six successes in New York City

Last week, MaRS took six Ontario companies on a trip to the 2009 Life Sciences and Healthcare Venture Summit in NYC. The Ontario delegation made up 10 per cent of all presenting companies – an excellent south-of-the-border showing of small, young and innovative Canadian companies.

Thinking Green: An Evening with Al Gore

To celebrate the official opening Canada’s newest and greenest conference centre, Allstream presents Thinking Green: An Evening with Al Gore on November 24, 2009. Former Vice President Al Gore, one of the world’s most influential speakers on the environment, will deliver the keynote, “Thinking Green: Economic Strategy for the 21st Century.” This event will include a Green Gallery of Innovation & Technology where MaRS will showcase leading clean technology companies Clean Energy Developments, Echologics and Skymeter amid top-level corporate exhibitors.

Events @ MaRS Centre

November 3 : Towards an Ontario Strategy: A symposium on neuropathic pain
November 4 : Charging Forward: Opportunities in the Energy Storage Market
November 4 : CIBC Presents Entrepreneurship 101 Building a Business Model, Speaker: Don Duval, Vice President, Business Services, MaRS
November 5 : Novel Ideas @ MaRS, The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga
November 5 : MaRS Best Practices Series – How to draft a patent Presented and Produced by Ogilvy Renault
November 11: CIBC Presents Entrepreneurship 101 Negotiations Speaker: Michael Erdle
November 12: MaRS Future of Medicine Conference Presented by AstraZeneca
November 13: MaRS Future of Medicine Series – Targeting Alzheimer’s Disease Progression from a lead molecule to clinical development

Community and Partner Events

November 3: DIG London Conference 2009 (London, ON)
November 3: DesignThinkers 2009 (Toronto)
November 4: OCAD – From Margin to Mainstream: Refashioning women’s ‘informal’ sector work in the Philippines (Toronto)
November 4: Toronto Showcase – 1
November 5: Accessing $150-million fund for Mobile Software, Infrastructure: Teleforum (online)
November 5: IP Osgoode – Mapping Online Privacy (Toronto)
November 5: Unfinished Business Lecture Series – Nathan Shedroff: Design is the problem (Toronto)
November 6: The 2nd Annual Women and IP Roundtable: Finding the elusive balance in intellectual property (Toronto)
November 9: Toronto Forum for Global Cities (Toronto)
November 9: Annual CGHR Global Health Lecture Economicst to the Rescue? What does the dismal science offer for global health? (Toronto)

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