What’s Next for Canarie’s Digital Accelerator for Innovation and Research Program?

Canada’s Advanced Research and Innovation Network has announced the findings of its Digital Accelerator for Innovation and Research pilot program. It is now seeking input from Canada’s digital entrepreneuers on the next phase of its program.

DAIR was launched by CANARIE last spring and hosted over 40 users. Now, CANARIE wants to extend the program after a successful pilot.

“Our vision for the DAIR program is to directly lead to more innovation, more development and therefore more Canadian products on the market and it has done just that,” says CANARIE’s Senior Director, Technology Innovation Mark Wolff. “The DAIR pilot program provides more than cloud computing resources. DAIR provides valuable experience on how ICT can deliver business results, thereby strengthening Canada’s position in ICT and commercialization of innovative digital products and services.” 

CANARIE says that DAIR was leveraged in the launch of new digital products and web-based startups modified their business models to better tap into its cloud-based resources. The organization’s ultra high-speed network is “thousands of times faster than the internet” and enables “world-class research and discovery at universities, colleges, research hospitals, government labs, and private sector facilities across the country.” 

A testbed environment in which small and medium-sized enterprises in the high-tech sector can design, prototype, validate, and demonstrate pre-commercial technologies faster and cheaper than ever before, DAIR was offered free to the inaugural cohort of users.