WhatsApp Coming to BlackBerry 10 Platform in March

Neeraj Arora of WhatsApp has confirmed via Twitter that the popular cross-platform messaging app is coming to BlackBerry 10 in March.

According to Arora, the app will be native.

The app will bolster BB10’s weak app ecosystem, which we feel is the biggest downside of BlackBerry’s next-gen platform. But privacy commissioner Jennifer Stoddart says that the mobile app violates Canadian privacy law and must be updated to apply with multiple issues.

Last month, investigators found that WhatsApp messages were being transmitted without encyrption. Stoddart noted that this evident lack of security leaves data vulnerable to hacking interception, especially over public wifi.

WhatsApp allegedly resolved this concern late last year but other problems still persist, according to Stoddart. One issue is poor privacy disclosure; it’s not clear who can see users’ messages, the commissioner said. WhatsApp pledged to address this concern later this year.

The company has also been accussed to storing phone numbers indefinitely, including those of non-users. WhatsApp claims to anonymize these numbers, but that so far hasn’t been enough to satisfy Stoddart and the Dutch Data Protection Authortiy, who were also involved in the investigation.