When it comes to SEO, it’s all semantics

SEO professionals will not want to miss out on the next meetup of The Vancouver Search Engine Marketing Group, which will feature a presentation called “SEO, the Semantic Web and Information Discovery.” The semantic web is becoming one of the most important tools for search engines to find and rank pages, and you don’t want to let these new, important tools pass you by.

Aaron Bradley, who has managed SEO programs for companies like Bodog and Suite101 will be hosting this presentation. Bradley is a free-thinking SEO man, writing in his blog SEO Skeptic. At SEO Skeptic, he exposes SEO mistakes, while imparting his own wisdom about the field.

Bradley’s presentation will focus on structured and link data, as well as how the semantic web and search marketing intersect. It’s a great opportunity to hear about exciting new tools from a 15-year veteran of search marketing, so don’t miss out!

SEO, the Semantic Web and Information Discovery takes place January 6th at 6 p.m. at Ceilis Irish Pub. For more information, click here.