When Retail Therapy and Online Social Community Collides

Zappos.com, the online shoe retailer and Magnify.net, a social video site are pairing up (pun intended) to create a “Boxbreak” campaign that will encourage Zappos shoppers to create a video community.  And some say it’s a match made in shoe-lovers’ heaven.  Zappos is launching Zappos TV, a video community for its users and they’ve enlisted Magnify’s expertise to help.  Magnify integrates videos from the web (Youtube, Revver) and uses this video platform to create video channels for companies.

BoxBreak will encourage customers to first capture their experience (via video) of opening a Zappos box when it arrives and then upload the video to Zappo’s Magnify.net sponsored channel. On the site, customers can vote for the best video and each month the customer who made most popular video will receive a $100 gift certificate to Zappos.com

What a great idea!  It’s a fun and incentive driven campaign that I think will at least have a great PR run, if not longevity.  The success of Zappos TV site is questionable, but then again we just don’t know what will stick.  If the launching-crew is any indication at South by Southwest this Friday, we should have some great videos to watch at least.

Guy Kawasaki, Kevin Rose, and Chris Brogan as all expected to participate in their own individual BoxBreak moment at the festival. Perhaps celebrity takes could be a possible way to drive traffic to the Zappos TV site.

Can’t wait.  I might even try and enter my own experience and win a pair of shoes.  It’s tough economic times…