Where can I go out tonight? Now, there’s an app for that!

It’s said that a successful business must answer a problem or question that’s relevant across its consumers and audiences. Nocturnal, the new venture headed up by Gabriel Tomescu, a recent Waterloo area grad, does just that. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed with the nightlife venues and choices in the city, then Nocturnal might just be something to explore.  Case and point – Last year, Tomescu, who on a trip to New York City felt there was a masssive opportunity to connect people to the right location and event venues, subsequently developed the idea. 

Perhaps the biggest value in the Nocturnal application is the ability to reserve guestlist, bottle service and reservations directly from the app itself. This creates an interesting opportunity for service and entertainment venues to connect with their audience directly and leaves room for the potential of monetization via this connect. Already in the Apple app store, Tomescu believes that Nocturnal’s appeal for users also lies in its commitment to updating unique content in its back end. Afterall, we know all too well that, content is king when it comes to the social web.

We like what we’ve seen so far from the team at Nocturnal and can see the potential of the company’s model being scalable to a variety of global cities (the team plans to expand to every major US and Canadian market), but are curious where the future of this app will go given the emphasis on location based monitoring as seen by companies such as Foursquare. Is there room for an app like Nocturnal in an already fragmented mobile market? Time will tell, but so far, it looks like Tomescu and the team behind Nocturnal aren’t slowing down anytime soon.