Where does your cell phone go when it dies?

We all get the newest gadgetry, don’t we?  New cell phones, netbooks, and even video game players.  What do we do with our old stuff?  It’s not like hand me down electronics are popular.  Remember hand me down clothing?  I didn’t think so.  You’ve even erased that memory from your mind. 

This is where the Ontario Electronic Stewardship comes into play.  oes

The Ontario Electronic Stewardship recycling program now accepts 44 different devices making it easier for Ontarians to dispose of unwanted electronic devices.  The program promises to collect and divert waste electronics from landfills and recover valuable resources, including precious and base metals.

As of April 1st, Ontarians will be able to recycle the following:

Audio and video players, Cameras, Cell phones, Computers, Copiers, Digital cameras, Monitors, Pagers and PDAs, Printers, Radios, Speakers, Telephones and answering machines, Televisions and Video projectors.

Here’s an interesting “Did You Know”: The Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic medals contained recycled metal from electronic waste.  That’s right.  That gold medal Sydney Crosby won, has a bit of my old Dell PDA in it!

For more information, please visit the Ontario Electronic Stewardship website.