Where is Canada’s Vinod Khosla?

A couple of days ago on TechCrunch Erick Schonfeld got a chance to interview Billionaire Vinod Khosla. Khosla was the founding CEO of Sun Microsystems, a former star Partner of Kleiner Perkins, and now invests his own money at Khosla Ventures.

Earlier this month, Khosla raised $1.1 billion for two new funds, taking money from outside investors for the first time. Schonfeld spoke with Khosla on the phone about his new fund, his approach to investing, clean tech and more. The entire transcript is available online and worth a read.

Khosla is an unquestionably successful entrepreneur in the US who has become a beacon for Indian entrepreneurs within the US and back in his homeland.  He has worked tirelessly to help his own country of birth climb into the 21st century and (as far as I know) put his money where his mouth is in making investments and providing mentorship to Indian executives.  

Who will step up and do the same for Canada? Or do we already have a rich uncle – could Terry Matthews be our Vinod Khosla?