Where to watch the Royal Wedding Online in Canada

Even though Canada became its own country in 1867, we still belong to the British Commonwealth. As a result, not only do we print the Queen’s face on all of our currency, but many of us will be sure to be up in the middle of the night/early morning to see Prince William and Catherine (Kate) Middleton perform their nuptials.

It will still be easiest to turn on our televisions to see the live coverage of the wedding, but those of us who will only have access to computers, tablets, or smartphones, or want access to supporting coverage, watching it online may be the way to go.

In Canada, CBC, CTV, and Global TV network sites will all have live coverage of the event. You can also check Mashable for more live streaming options.

Depending on the media provider, coverage of the wedding will begin at various times throughout the night/morning; the actual wedding ceremony will begin at 6:00 am EST.