Where will you be at noon on January 20th 2009?

Vancouver’s memelabs just launched Obama: Where were you?, an open participation video campaign asking contributors to answer one simple question: Where were you during US President-Elect Obama’s inauguration?

Nadia Nascimento, head of memelabs, came up with the idea when she and her boyfriend, both Canadians, decided to fly to Washington DC for Obama’s inauguration. “I realized that we were part of a story. We all remember where we were at certain watershed moments in history—the end of Apartheid, the day the Berlin Wall came down—and these moments make powerful shared stories,” Nascimento explains. “This campaign creates a medium for people to share their stories with people from all over the world.”


Memelabs partnered with The Young and Powerful Group, Farmstead Wines, and JCM Entertainment to produce the campaign, which is a completely goodwill project. The four organizations have donated their resources, and there is no financial benefit or cost of participation.