Which Canadian Wireless Carrier Truly Has the Best Network?

Which mobile carrier delivers Canadians the best overall performance?

RootMetrics decided to find out.

“Your mobile is a fundamental part of your daily life and is likely with you just about everywhere you go and part of just about everything you do. From completing online banking to finding driving directions to staying in touch with friends or even the office, our phones act as extensions of ourselves and are the linchpins for our connected lives,” the company says. “Our growing reliance on our mobile phones means that network performance has a direct impact on your daily life.”

RootMetrics says its report is “the most comprehensive study of Canadian mobile performance ever undertaken.”

“All told, we collected more than 214,000 samples, tested within more than 500 indoor locations, and drove nearly 30,000 kilometers,” the report states. “These are results you can trust, backed by an independent methodology recognized by the industry, press, and operators around the world as the standard for mobile performance measurement.”

The winner? Bell.



Bell led all networks when comparing tallies of RootScore Awards at the national level. Bell finished in first place across all six categories tested, including outright wins in Overall Performance, Network Speed, and Data Performance (Bell tied for first in Network Reliability, Call Performance, and Text Performance).

“Although scoring was close across all categories in our nationwide testing, Bell’s separation came down to two primary factors: 1) across the breadth of our testing, Bell delivered top speeds more consistently than the other networks, and 2) Bell offered slightly better reliability in our data testing,” RootMetrics said.



Rogers tied for first in call and text performance categories and narrowly trailed the leaders across all other categories in our nationwide testing.

Trailing only Bell’s total award tally, Telus earned a share of three Canada RootScore Awards, finishing in a first-place tie in Network Reliability, Call Performance, and Text Performance.

The report delves much, much deeper than this, though. Check the full thing out here.