Which Way Do Tablets Lean? iPad Users are More Like Desktop Users Than Smartphone Users, Study Finds

Tablets are right in the middle of smartphones and desktops or laptops. They’re more portable than a desktop or laptop, but not quite as portable as a smartphone. Yet they’re more practical than a smartphone for web browsing, content consuming and creating, etc. – though not typically as good as a desktop or laptop.

When Apple first announced the iPad, some critics questioned the need for such a device. Was there really a gap to fill between a touch-screen smartphone like the iPhone and a small, thin, light “ultrabook” such as the MacBook Air?

Obviously, that’s history now: it’s clear that people love using tablets. The question is, how do they use them?

Joshua Bixby from Vancouver’s Strangeloop decided to investigate. His research revealed that, overall, iPad users lean more toward desktop users in their activities than smartphone users.

Joshua dug into data spanning hundreds of millions of desktop and mobile transactions and noted that, “while iPad users view somewhat fewer pages per visit than desktop users, their average time on site and bounce rate were commensurate with the desktop crowd.” He says that this shouldn’t be surprising, but it’s interesting to observe that, “even though iPad performance lags behind desktop, iPad users seem willing to stick around for a longer desktop-like experience.”

You can see this and his other findings on his blog post.