While Blockbuster files for bankruptcy, Blockbuster Canada remains profitable, eyes digital services

blockbusterBlockbuster Inc. is filing for bankruptcy (no surprises here). This is old news, but what some may not realize is that Blockbuster Canada is a separate entity – it’s not a part of the filings, and in fact is cash-flow positive.

But it realizes it may need to innovate a little to remain alive for the long-term.

Blockbuster Canada has closed 5% of its stores this year, and it’s not opening new ones. Barry Guest, VP and GM, acknowledged that exploring online services may be necessary. He suggested to Postmedia that Blockbuster could eventually be offering an online streaming video service similar to Netflix, which launched in Canada last week.

“I think it would be natural for us to extend our channel into other areas of distribution and as part of our overall strategy in Blockbuster,” he said. “It would be a natural transition for the strongest brand in Canada.”

Looking at what your competitors have done, and how your parent company is performing… it couldn’t hurt, Barry.